01. We got stranded for over 3 hours while fishing on Saturday when the [motor] on our little boat broke down.
02. My grandmother can't walk very far, so she gets around in a [motorized] scooter.
03. You'd better lift up the [motor] when the boat gets near the shore so that it doesn't hit the rocks.
04. My friend used an old lawnmower [motor] to build a little go-kart that we used to race around parking lots and grassy fields.
05. Theft of [motor] vehicles in this city has increased dramatically over the last five years.
06. Her [motor] skills have been impaired as a result of brain damage suffered in a car accident.
07. New York was the first state to require the licensing of [motor] vehicles, in 1901.
08. On the average, more animals are killed by [motorists] than by hunters with guns.
09. We [motored] to about a mile from shore and then got out our fishing rods.
10. [Motor] vehicles, including scooters and mopeds, are not allowed on the bicycle path.
11. My wife put too much laundry in the washing machine and burned out the [motor].
12. We spent the afternoon [motoring] around the lake in our little boat.
13. My little boy loves to [motor] around the apartment in his new toy pedal-car.
14. Your [motor] skills are seriously affected by the consumption of alcohol.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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